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Ages 2 to 5 years Toddlers, K3, K4, K5 - IB (PYP)

Children are encouraged to develop their social skills and explore the world around them, building new understandings and learning to communicate their ideas and feelings with respect.

Multiple intelligences are valued and allow for different ways of teaching and learning.

Meaningful play is at the heart of the preschool program, where teachers and students build relationships that foster creativity and joy for learning.

Av Anchieta, 908 - Jardim Esplanada - São José dos Campos - São Paulo - Brasil
CEP: 12.242-280 | TEL: +55 12 3322 1255 | WHATSAPP: +55 12 99634 1981

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With your security and well-being in mind, group SEB will now provide online assistance (chat) for financial matters through the portal, at the link below:


The following services will be available: payment of tuition fees (overdue and due), statements (Income Tax and Total Payments) and online chat for support and questions regarding financial services.

Please be reminded that you can pay tuition fees by debit or credit card in the portal. A further option is direct debit authorized by your bank.

We are always at your disposal!