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Projects launched by the students that have been incorporated by the school or vice-versa, as an active learning community.

Permanent school projects are built upon the principals and values of the school. They aim at integrating the staff towards the premises related to cultural diversity, respecting differences, considering and respecting the local culture and leading all the school community towards a sense of social awareness and humanization.

Ethics and cooperation may enhance the sense of good will and the real meaning of entrepreneurship also brought up by sharing. Permanent projects must be carried out by all teachers and students and are made up of a combination of individual attitudes. Educating by setting the example is always expected, especially in the contexts of the projects.


Building reading habits, with reading and writing integrated to the daily and weekly routine of the students. It also integrates the “reader of the month” award for elementary and middle school students.

On stage

Public speaking practice for the purpose of sharing knowledge, building autonomy and entrepreneurship in each student’s learning process. It relates to summative assessment tasks of the Units of Inquiry or to the final products of the middle school projects, debates, spelling contests, general assemblies, collective anthem moments and several presentations from different subject areas.

Class Assembly

Organized every other week, the class assemblies enable students to discuss relationship issues that come up at the school, based on the attitudes that support the IB learner Profile. Students learn to listen, to respect their differences and to live in a community in a collaborative way.

International Exchange

International Exchange Programs for Middle School students in grades 7,8 and 9.


"Going to Canada was one of the best experiences someone can ever have. My host family was awesome and I made a lot of new friends. I hope I can go back to the slurpee capital one day."

Bianca – Y7 Canadá

"The exchange to Argentina was very important, first to improve our Spanish and then to meet new people. It was an experience I will never forget and I think my friends did not."

Luiza – Y8 Argentina

"Esfera is always giving us opportunities to have good and unforgettable experiences, and I can definitely say that this trip gave me moments I will never forget. I met new people and I’ve been having the best experience I have ever had!"

Martha – Y9 Inglaterra


Hamkke, which means together In Korean, is a program for the appreciation of the different cultures and mother tongues that compose our school community.
The Hamkke program was launched to promote opportunities to show appreciation, respect and to integrate the different nationalities within the school community and its expression in multiple ways in the daily school routine. The Project considers specific actions, such as International Lunch, International Reading Time, Book Club and others.

Esfera Cares

The Esfera Cares Project has been an integral part of the school since its conception and is based of the principles of transparent relations, ethics, and respect between students, parents, staff, school community and the environment. The school also considers that social responsibility is part of an international profile. Some of the actions already taken under the Esfera Cares Project are: on-going campaigns: donations of books and recycling materials (Recycling For Fun Project), volunteer work for Middle School students, active participation in the city’s Solidarity Fund campaigns and actions, and active participation of the school’s representatives in projects such as Mesa Educadora, in partnership with the city’s Education Office, in which the school has been participating since 2009.

Recycling for fun

“Recycling for fun” refers to a permanent collection of recycling materials for different projects at school. Esfera organizes programs for teachers’ development in Arts Education and Science, emphasizing creativity, sustainability and wise use of resources. The Project includes guidance and support for public schools that may be interested in organizing their own Recycling Centers.

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