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Philosophical and pedagogical foundations

Esfera intends to develop active, critical, reflective and conscious students; students who seek challenges and are capable of self-management. Therefore the pedagogical proposal works on five areas that are necessary for this to occur.

The four pillars of Education as defined by UNESCO:

  • Learn to know
  • Learn to do
  • Learn to be
  • Learn to live together

High academic standards and the integration of the National curriculum with international references seeking the best academic performance of the students.

The methodology and the IB Standards and practices drive a contemporary practice in the classroom, allowing students to acquire deep understandings, establish connections and take actions within the contexts of projects, differentiated activities and rigorous assessments. The school works with external standardized tests as a way to ensure its practices and the high academic standards according to the goals for each subject area in Elementary and Middle School. Students are certified by the University of Cambridge with the Cambridge Exams for the English Language Proficiency and by Instituto Cervantes with the DELE Exam for the Spanish Language.

Teaching for comprehension and for diversity: Meaningful Learning

ESFERA is based on the understanding that people present multiple intelligences and that classrooms are heterogeneous. Concepts and curriculum are developed to allow for individual and group dynamics. Classes meet the needs of diverse students through learning centers, projects and active participation, in which students are the protagonists of their own learning process.

Bilingual Education: Portuguese and English

Bilingual education is offered within the context of the international environment and philosophy of the school. This is effectively provided through immersion, ever since preschool classes, and in later years through instruction in different class subjects.

Continuous teacher development:

The teaching team participates in a process of continuous professional development in diverse areas related to Esfera’s pedagogical practice. The staff engages in weekly meetings for collaborative planning, attend IB workshops and conferences, and actively participate in the Esfera Seminars, as well as present papers, workshops and lectures in other educational events.

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