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The Elementary and Middle School Years aim at the global development of students in all aspects: cognitive, emotional, physical, ethical, aesthetical and social.

This development is planned throughout the nine grade levels that organize the elementary and the middle years programs, with the adequate selection and offer of concepts, contents and skills for each subject area within each grade, and with the following educational goals:

  • Acquire and use various languages: verbal, mathematic, graphic, artistic, musical and kinesthetic;
  • Understand how to use sources of information and diverse resources to acquire knowledge;
  • Recognize one’s responsibility in being part of and acting upon the natural environment;
  • Understand and value the multicultural nature of Brazil as well as that of other peoples and nations;
  • Become critically aware of own responsibilities in the context of social issues, understanding the concept of citizenship and therefore taking on attitudes and actions based on the understanding of these rights and responsibilities
Elementary School: Year 1 to Year 5 IB (PYP) Ages 6 to 10 years old

Six units of inquiry organize the main concepts and contents in each grade level and students are encouraged to inquire into the big ideas that guide each unit. At the end of Year 5, the Exhibition allows students to demonstrate the understandings, skills and attitudes they acquire throughout the PYP program.

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